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Mark's Biography

Many actors are described as the voice of God, but few have actually played a creator. Mark has several times; like the God of Thunder or the God of the Sea in different episodes of Mona the Vampire. He has also been known to be regal, like the King of the sea opposite Jennifer Love Hewitt in the biopic Audrey Hepburn, or the president of the U.S.A. in Arthur.

Least we think Mark is only royal or otherworldly, he was also the man chasing Lassie with a bulldozer in Lassie. And, in Denys Arcand's film about supermodels, Stardom, Mark was ironically cast as an Agricultural Television Host working with 50 cows...did the great auteur have a message here!

Marks range of characters has been full and varied, from bankers and teachers to warring stagehands. But it is cartoons that have yielded the most fun, like the cuddly lead of the children's cartoon Mumble Bumble to the evil restaurant mascot out to take over the world in another Mona the Vampire.

Mark's commercial output has been heard over much of the earth from being Tim Horton's philanthropic voice to doing Disarrono liquor, from General Motors to Via Rail and even the Government of Canada. Mark may have been the voice that gave you safety instructions on your last flight or taught you English or Russian or Chinese. Mark may have narrated your Doctors latest treatment option or told you about the Quick Roast you bought at a grocery store. Mark may have even helped you renovate your house as the TV host of So You're Renovating.

Besides creating characters, Mark's hobby of car restoration is dear to his heart. Being able to see the beauty in something in disrepair is a joy, like his 58 corvette or 66 thunderbird. Creation, playing a creator or being one...that is Mark and that's what brings a smile to his face time after time.




All About Mark

6' 225 Brown Blue ACTRA

Film Television

Voice Commercial TV & Radio

KLM Airlines, Via Rail, McDonalds, Nissan, Pizza Hut, Wonder Bra, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Toyota, General Motors, Sony, Mercedes Benz, L'Oréal, Air Miles, Eastern Airlines, Esso, Bell Canada, Hydro Quebec, Canada Post, Canada's Wonderland, Dunkin Donuts, Molson, National Bank of Canada, Radio Shack, Red Lobster, The Weather Network, Hills, Science Diet, ReMax, Place Alexis Nihon, Le Château, Midas, Grand Toys, Miller Light

Voice Corporate/Video

Guillivan Int'l., Sun Life Insurance, A.L. Van Houtte, Bell Canada, Merck Frost, Corrections Canada, Department of National Defense, Labatt Blues, Gillette, Canadian Coast Guard, External Affairs Canada, Harley Canada, Abbott Laboratories, Eichon Technology, CN Railways, Air Canada, St. Kitts & Nevis Tourism, CUNA

Film Dubbing & Documentary

Animation Original Voice

On Camera Commercial

Ikea - Santa Claus, Via Rail - '90 & '92, Eichon Technology

List of Broadcasting Experience ('84 - present) available upon request


Trent University - BA: History/Political Science '85




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Look for Mark in Francis Ford Coppolla's production of Jack Kerouac's On the Road!!

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